Umnea Umnea

Celina Bright

  • الهدف من الموقع: زواج عادي
  • دولة الاصل: دولة اخرى
  • دولة الإقامة: دولة اخرى
  • العمر: 32-28
  • التعليم: تعليم جامعي
  • المهنة: موظف حكومي
  • الحالة الاجتماعية: اعزب
  • هل لديك اطفال: لا


  • لون العين: بني
  • لون الشعر: اسود
  • الطول: متوسط
  • الوزن: عادي

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تحدث عن نفسك

I am very optimistic. I am keeping open mind and flexible to adapt to a new situations. I love life and enjoy my life, in spite of not easy time comes from time to time. I love children and animals. I enjoy travelling, nature and love to learn new things every day. I am very encouraging and supportive. For me is very important to be with a man with who we can grow together and share our interests, values, that will leads us to our goals, with joy and happiness. I am affection and sensitive too. I am always in growing and learning process: spiritually, as a person.

اوصف الشخص اللذي تبحث عنه

I would like to meet a real man, with who we can create family, and live free from fears by using our creative mind and intelligence. We are going to have the strength together to use optimism in some hard times, and we have total trust to our self power and support of the Universe or God in every step we take and thought we think. We are willing to have unconditional love and share compassion with our beloved and each other. We enjoy our life as if we live only today, at present. I know my man is very successful in everything he is doing, he loves his job and thinking about to make the world a better place. He loves himself, he is gentle to himself. We use humor to have even more joy and fun in our journey. We are passionate about life and love.

اخر تواجد في الموقع: 24/02/2012

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