Umnea Umnea


  • الهدف من الموقع: زواج مسيار
  • دولة الاصل: دولة اخرى
  • دولة الإقامة: دولة اخرى
  • العمر: 42-38
  • التعليم: غير متعلم
  • المهنة: لا اعمل حاليا
  • الحالة الاجتماعية: اعزب
  • هل لديك اطفال: لا


  • لون العين: عسلي
  • لون الشعر: احمر
  • الطول: قصير
  • الوزن: عادي

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  • البريد الالكتروني: ******

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تحدث عن نفسك

Life is a lottery but I believe that I am lucky girl I'm a lady who love risks of spontaneous actions and serious intentions at the same time! I love active way of life and I keep my mind and heart open to a new love! I am a well-educated, well-mannered, intelligent, responsible, honest and optimistic person. I have the credo treat people like you would like to be treated your self.

اوصف الشخص اللذي تبحث عنه

I would like to meet someone who can be honest, who knows how to take care of a woman, love her, treat her, who wants to have a strong marriage and a baby. I prefer strong men, who know what they want from life, who wants to stay with one woman and be honest with her. I would like to have an open relationship and if we do not like something in each other to speak about it, it's nice to be lovers but also good friends and to trust each other, if you do something wrong, it's better to say so openly. Well, if you are like my profile and feel that it is you, then I am waiting for your letter.

اخر تواجد في الموقع: 17/02/2012

عدد مرات الدخول: 1 مرة

عدد زوار البيانات: 55529 مرة